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Houston History and Ghosts: The Esperson Buildings

11 January 2012 No Comment

As a longtime Houstonian I have always had a love for the city’s history. I think this is shared by a great many fellow Houstonians, mostly our more recent residents. This comes, I think, from the aggressive, progressive nature of the business leaders to tear down and rebuild.

Houston Court House - Then and Now At TurnKey Art Soultions we sell a great number of framed, photo reproductions. Many people like to connect the old with the new. In fact, one of our more popular art products is a framed piece that displays side-by-side photos of the old and new of certain buildings, landmarks or just street corners. (We call this art piece “The Story of a Street Corner”. For more about this please see Houston vintage pictures.)

Esperson Building - Historic Houston, Framed Pictures and Photographs from TurnKey Art SolutionsOne of my favorite of the old structures are the two Esperson buildings, which were developed and built starting in 1927 by Neils and Mellie Esperson.

At the time, the Neils Esperson Building was the tallest building in Texas and the third tallest in America. The Mellie Esperson was built later and had the largest office space of its day. It was also one of the first to be built with central air conditioning. (Yes, there were times in Houston without air conditioning. I personally attended school in Houston without air conditioning.)

The Esperson Buildings have been preserved beautifully over the years and are among the most thriving in Downtown Houston today. Walking through them gives a person the feeling of yesterday’s elegance. You may even experience a distinct sense of Mellie Esperson herself in the building. There have been reported sightings as well as a feeling of her presence in the hallways.

If ghostly sightings gets your attention, you’re sure to enjoy our next article in this category. There are two downtown buildings that are listed in the register of haunted buildings, and I’ll tell you about them. (Here’s a hint: Think about having Italian food.)

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