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The Mystery of Art

guest post by Thomas Ward
What is art?  What determines “good” art?  Why do different people observing the same piece regard it with antithetical perceptions?
We humans have been asking these questions for a long time.  I suspect the earliest human rock drawings and ivory carvings were viewed with wide eyes and smiles by some and furrowed brows and curled lips by others.  Why?
I don’t have an inside track to ideas regarding artistic value, but, some factors are fairly obvious.
One is scarcity.  One of the 6 human tendencies is to desire what …

Art for Office Remodeling »

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What effect does your office art have on your clients?

Selecting art for today’s corporate offices can be a tricky project. There are so many things to consider. Does it go with the furniture, the wall color, and the carpet? Is it too large or too small?
Most importantly, does it say what you want it to say to your clients and employees? Framed art has the clear potential to affect employee productivity and the buying or decision making mode of your clients.
To assist art consultants such as myself, I like to solicit opinions of a wide …

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Professional sports in a city the size of Houston is often more than just sports. It is a way of life as evidenced by the framed sports memorabilia and sports wear that reflects the local sports teams. It can be an integral part of the city’s culture. The question is: does the sport affect the culture, or does the culture affect the sport?

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You have just spent a great weekend shopping art galleries and found the perfect picture for your living room, bedroom, or maybe a wall in your office.  It is exactly what you were looking for, and you were able to acquire it at a price that put it within your budget.  Now, you want to frame it.  Typically there are 2 reactions to this.  Either, you say, “this is a piece of cake, I can do this” or you might say “oh my God, what do I do now”.  The …