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Art Leasing for Business Offices

Art Leasing – The Get it Now Option

Is your company relocating, remodeling, redecorating, or just updating the art and wall décor in your offices?

Consider This: Budgets for art and wall décor can be inadequate or non-existent. Even so, art and wall décor are extremely important in setting the tone of your office and in making a definitive statement of your success.

Why Lease Art?

  • You Can Get it Now Art leasing allows you to get the art and wall décor you need now. You can set the tone and image for your office now without making a large capital expenditure. Normally, only minimal up front cash is required.
  • Tax Advantage – Your monthly investment for art rental is normally 100% tax deductable.
  • Flexibility – As your company grows and changes, so can your art and the image that it brings.

For more information about Art Leasing contact us at:

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Also ask us about our Free On-Site Art Consultation service.

TurnKey Art Solutions is also available by appointment at our Cypress or Galleria/Katy Freeway area locations. Come shop for original art, prints, and custom framing. Please call 832-606-3303.