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Virtual Art Consultant Services

Decorating with Art on the Leading Edge

In this day of cutting edge technology and fast paced business, TurnKey Art Solutions is pleased to present a unique new concept in corporate art and decorating.

Whether it is a small art/framing project or a complete office remodel, the process is always pretty much the same. One or more persons in the office are given the responsibility for an art project that they may know little about or more importantly have very little time for. Certainly, hiring an interior decorator can solve the problem, but at what price? Decorators typically charge for their time even if the client decides not to do the project. This doesn’t begin to cover the fees for doing the job. Maybe most importantly, this is not a very interactive process. Quite often the final result is exactly what the decorator visualizes and very little of what the client wants.

Whether the client puts it together or does it with the help of a decorator, it takes a great deal of the client’s time during the most important hours of the day. Trips to studios and meetings in or out of the office begin to swallow up expensive employee time. From an art consultant’s perspective, the client is only seeing artwork from studios at which the decorator can maximize profit. Many times there better options with a much smaller price tag. With art budgets being what they are at times, it begs the question: Doesn’t it make sense to…

  • Find a better way to maximize your time.
  • Spend less money.
  • Get more for your money.
  • Get an end result that you have played an important, interactive role in.

TurnKey Art Solution’s perspective on this is one of embracing every part of technology available and using it in every way to save expensive employee time and provide a complete TurnKey solution. This solution literally incorporates a wide array of art options and takes the client seamlessly through the process to the day that we deliver the art and hang it on the walls.

Why Does Virtual Art Consulting Work So Well?

  • It is simple.
  • Today’s average employee is computer/internet savvy.
  • The average person shops on the internet at least as much as going to a store.
  • Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and other social sites have become very useful sources of information and ideas.
  • For the client it means valuable time saved.
  • When multiple persons are involved in the decision making process, it allows everyone to contribute and easily assemble their opinions without hurt feelings. In other words, by nature this process facilitates an anonymous, consensus of opinions.

Exactly How Does Virtual Art Consulting Work?

Every client and every project is different, and the process is custom tailored to meet specific needs and requirements. However, we always work generally as follows:

  1. An initial visit is conducted by phone, teleconference or other appropriate means. The main purpose is is to establish color preferences, style, or any points of concern. NOTE: Where appropriate or requested, we will certainly make this or any of the other steps in person.
  2. We request a blueprint or diagram of the facilities. Additionally, we like to get photos and/or a video of the facilities. For the client, this involves nothing more than simply walking through the rooms and taking photos or video with a cell phone. From this we can begin to see a plan develop.
  3. Next, the client will receive a group of images to consider. The number and style sent will depend on many factors, including individual client preferences, type of business that the client is in, locations and numbers as initially determined by pictures and videos, and any other issues that may be relevant.
  4. From here it becomes a process of emails and phones calls, at the client's convenience, to determine the best choices for their offices. During this process, we will also send pictures of frames and mats for consideration. General pricing is typically discussed during this phase of the process for obvious reasons.
  5. Once decisions have been made, a proposal is prepared for the client’s review and approval. This is a detailed document that includes:

    • Issues with facilities including diagrams, pictures, or videos.
    • Proposed art pieces – Pictures and images. Additionally, detailed descriptions are provided regarding matters such as size, frame choices, mats, and glass choices.
    • Terms information which may include pricing, payment plans, tax if applicable, shipping, installation, and credit card plans.
    • Timeline.
    • List of any other items that may be needed from client in order to begin the job.

After the job begins, regular updates are sent to the client, which may include pictures or videos of the work as it progresses.

Delivery/Shipping is arranged and coordinated with client.

Installation is scheduled through local companies that Turnkey Art has arranged.

Our objective is to complete the project in a way that requires very little employee time, yet bring a quality, interactive process that results in a perfect representation of the client’s vision.

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