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TurnKey Quality Custom Framing

Custom art and framing is a step by step process. We help you select the best art and framing choices for your walls. Our clients include small offices to corporate headquarters and a wide range of projects such as lobby art, boardroom art, document an portrait framing, and art for individual offices and executive suites. In addition to the art itself, the frame, mats, glass, and picture hanging make up the rest of the process.

It is most important to bring a qualified professional into your art and decorating process to maximize your budget and ensure the look and quality you want and deserve.
Frames Mats & Liners Glass Mounting Conservation Framing


First and foremost, choose the right frame. The right frame has the potential to make a $25 print look like an expensive work of art. Pick a frame that compliments both the art that you select and the furnishings in your office.

Custom Frames Selection

Additionally, watch the proportional sizes of the art, mat, and frame. As an example, don't pick a 2 inch frame and a 2 inch mat. Proportionally, it would be better to have the frame wider than the mat, or in some cases it would be ok to have the mat wider than the frame.

Remember, the goal with the frame is to bring attention to the art.

For a very special look in your office, consider the "Story of a Street Corner" product with a vintage frame.

We help you choose from hundreds of selections, a frame that compliments both the art that you select and the furnishings in your office.

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